Akron Zoo Journey to the Reef

About The Project

TC Architects provided architectural design services for this temporary exhibit that features more than 17 aquariums of animals that live on or near the reef.  Journey to the Reef includes an octopus, eels, sea horses, venomous lionfish, clownfish, three species of jellyfish (Japanese sea nettles, upside down jellies and moon jellies), starfish, schooling fish crabs and more.

The 6,000 square foot space also includes several interactive areas where children can learn about ocean life and conservation while they climb and play.  There is a stingray touch pool, as well as an interactive media wall and three different kiosks that teach children about kelp forests, harbors and reefs.   The zoo grows several different types of branching coral that visitors are able to see in the coral lab.

The entire exhibit space features a 10,000 square foot mural created by local artist Amy Mothersbaugh-Roos and several volunteers.

Clown Fish