Akron Zoo Legends

About The Project

TC Architects assumed construction administration responsibilities for Legends of the Wild, when the architect of record closed his doors, leaving the Akron Zoo with no one to follow the construction. TC was already working with Akron Zoo on the design of their 35,000 square foot Education Center and the Tiger Valley re-caging project, the transition was a natural progression.  TC became the owner’s eyes and ears for this $8M project ensuring that it met the Zoo’s expectations for themeing, exhibits, animal display, containment and husbandry requirements, as well as visitor encounters and education.

The Legends of the Wild project was not based upon typical animal exhibits of geographical location, but on myths that surround specific animals and their existence in our world.  As an example, at one time it was thought that the Andean Condor was responsible for bringing up the sun.

The following areas / exhibits are contained within the Legends of the Wild:

  • 35 foot double waterfall
  • 2 outdoor waterfowl ponds
  • Madagascar Building, which houses:
  • Black and white lemurs
  • Ring tailed lemurs
  • Boa snake
  • Interactive educational area
  • Off-exhibit Flamingo holding
  • Madagascar Market Place
  • Llama exhibit with shade structure
  • Andean Condor Exhibit with introduction area, pools and “nest” area
  • Children’s interactive explorers deck with rope bridge
  • Jaguar exhibit with waterfall, pool and “hot” tree
  • Capybara exhibit and pool

Meso America Building which houses:

  • Pygmy Slow Loris exhibit
  • Boa Exhibit
  • Micro Bat Exhibit
  • Rodrigues Fruit Bat Exhibit
  • Hyacinth Macaw Exhibit
  • Tarantula exhibit
  • Hissing Cockroach exhibit
  • Poison Dart Frog exhibit
Bat cave
Exhibit Seating Area