NEOMED BIO-MED Science Academy

About The Project

TC Architects provided architectural and interior design services for the BIO-MED Science Academy, which is part of the growing Ohio STEM Learning Network, a non-traditional high school that promotes academic excellence in science, technology, engineering, mathematics, and medicine (STEM + M).  The Academy’s vision is to provide a progressive environment for nurturing creativity, community, and inventiveness in its students. TC Architects accomplished this vision with the integration of special design elements, such as the continuation of circular forms throughout the space.

Bright, bold colors energize the interiors.  The “O” in BIO-MED, symbolizing the limitless Opportunities offered by the Academy, was incorporated into the design with conspicuous curves in accent walls, flooring materials, ceilings, lighting and structural elements.  Collaborative learning spaces were designed  promoting comfort, relaxation and connectivity.  Stools, sectionals, and comfortable lounge furniture along with traditional tables and chairs provide the students the flexibility they need to develop their problem-solving and creative thinking skills and engage in collaborative learning.  Thus giving the students the freedom and flexibility to create spaces that are uniquely their own, inspiring them to learn, connect, collaborate, and socialize.

Interior 1
Interor 3
Interior 2
STEM Exterior
Interior 4